Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Strange Buildings? you decided...

Are these buildings strange? I think they're pretty cool... what do you think?


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Jeremiah Russell said...

Some of these, like the one with the eggs on top or Mammy's Place are purely theatrical in nature and really don't offer much in the way of "good architecture". But then again, there are elements to be discussed with any structure no matter how big or small. I do think that many of those buildings should have made it into the 150 Greatest Buildings launched by the AIA last year instead of the horrid collection of buildings that did make it to the list. :-| I do think this little photo spread brings an interesting light to american architecture though. As you'll notice very few buildings from the U.S. made it into this spread, and there are some amazing off the beaten path examples of radical modern architecture there. It's sad that American Architecture tends to be more of the same crap while the European tradition is to constantly push the boundaries of what "can" be done. I hope one day we'll all learn a lesson and start to push our own boundaries in Architecture and Urban Planning. *fingers crossed*