Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Florida Cottage Design Competition Winners

Congrats to all that participated in the 2008 EP Design Competition, below are the top three winners. The first two projects were tied for first place, with the third place winner following.

Thanks again to the Florida Foundation for Hosting this competition...

Emilio Christopher Cox - 1st Place (tied)

Lillian Sherrard, AIA - 1st Place (tied)

Tom Wannen, AIA - 2nd Place


Jeremiah Russell said...

I sat in on the presentations for these competition entries and I must say I was very impressed with all of the entrants, but the three winners by far displayed the most impressive solutions to the design problem given. Florida needs more competitions like this throughout the year for young designers. The Jacksonville Chapter of YAF will be hosting a statewide competition for 2010, that hopefully will get some attention at the national convention. We'll see what happens.

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