Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's the Best Title?

It's not uncommon for Florida to be different from the rest of the country. In fact, Florida is one of the many places where things are very different - from culture to climate and education to architecture. Even in the case of unlicensed architects' title, Florida stands alone as "applicants."

Recently AIA released an article by Katie Harms, AIA ("What do you want to be called in 2010?") that is surveying AIA architects and associates about the issue of "intern titling." For those that have achieved licensure or those in the process know it takes hard work to acheive the title "architect" and those that are in AIA have a title of Associate, but how does the state refer to you?

Tell us your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

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Jeremiah Russell said...

The best titles are "Intern Architect" or "Associate Architect" for those not licensed and "Architect" for those licensed. To quibble over semantics is a little silly to me. If, in Florida, we are only allowed to call ourselves "interns", what does that say about our profession? Nothing. It doesn't identify us with any profession whatsoever. Are we dental interns? Or perhaps we work for morgan stanley? The title of "intern architect" should be our right as professionals seeking licensure in any state. I think we've at least earned the right to be ASSOCIATED with the architecture profession even if not fully licensed.

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