Wednesday, April 29, 2009

EP's get there own track at the 2009 AIA Florida Convention

This year AIA Florida has added an EP track to the Convention. AIA Staff, myself and several other EP's have worked tirelessly to bring some great programs to the convention. We will start off with Kick-Off Speaker William Massie...

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Jeremiah Russell said...

While I think it's nice that the Emerging Professionals get their own presence at the convention this year, it is belittled by the fact that there will be no Emerging Professionals Conference this year, or possibly ever again.
It seems that the Emerging Professionals are becoming less and less involved in furthering the development of the EP's, which I find sad. It's only through involvement with our peers in our local EP groups that we get real opportunities to stay creative, to have discussions about the larger topics, like how Architecture and Urban Planning really affect people and the way they interact in a city, or how mass transit can affect development and what it should look like, etc.
It's my hope that AIA will step up a little more to encourage the EP's to take more active rolls in their communities to open lines of discussion to introduce a fresh design perspective on the larger Architectural stage.
EP's are the future of AIA. If we're not engaged now, the chances are slim we'll be engaged later.

Joe Benesh, AIA Miami Associate Director said...

Looks like a great opportunity to get together and network with EPs from around the state.

Looking forward to meeting / seeing everyone.

Anonymous said...

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